ABGel Cosmetics CO.,Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturer devoting to study, producing and marketing high quality UV Gel which was established in 2004.  We have 4000 square meters of production area with over 100 staff. More than 300 brands have entrusted us with contract manufacturing of their products.

  • 美甲的基本概念

    【基本概念】  美甲是一种对指(趾)甲进行装饰美化的工作,又称甲艺设计。 【外形修整】   生活中最常用的甲形有:方形、方圆形、椭圆形,尖形,圆形,扇形6种,你可以根据自己的手形和喜好创造出完美的甲形。